West Side Jeep Tour

This West Side Jeep Tour takes you to some of the most beautiful and inspiring locations of Oahu’s Leeward Coast, or as residents call it, the “West Side.” The cultural history of the West Side is ancient and storied, and it boasts some of the most beautiful beaches to be found anywhere in Hawaii.

This adventure provides guests with an opportunity to take in some of the most spectacular sights on Oahu. The tour is perfect for visitors new to Oahu, and for repeat visitors who have seen and done much of the most common activities on the island. The West Side Jeep Tour is not a typical guided tour of Oahu’s familiar attractions, but rather a journey to out of the way destinations most Oahu visitors never get to see.

Aulani Taro Patch and Secluded Coves
The tour begins at 8:00am with a trip to the taro ponds at Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa, where guests will learn about the sacred and vital tradition of taro that sustained native Hawaiians for hundreds of years. Guests will also view Aulani’s exquisitely curated art collection.
The tour then meanders along secluded covers for photographs and, often, encounters with green sea turtles, or “honu”, considered by many to be a sign of good fortune. It’s important to keep your distance from the gentle creatures, as they are protected by law.

Yokohama Beach
The West Side Tour then continues to remote and vast Yokohama Beach, known officially as Keawa’ula Beach. It translates to “red bay”, so named for the schools of squid that can still be found in the area. Visually stunning, the area can produce dangerous currents and high surf year-round. It was an influx of Japanese fishermen to the area decades ago that gave the area its more familiar name of Yokohama Beach.

Makua Cave
After a visit to Yokohama Beach, the West Side tour then ventures to Makua Cave, one of Oahu’s most stunning and storied geological features. The cathedral-like cave towers far overhead and extends more than 450 into darkness (don’t worry, we have powerful flashlights). It is estimated by researchers at the University of Hawaii to have formed over 150,000 years ago.

There are many legends associated with Makua Cave, known originally as Kaneana, or the “cave of Kane.” Kane was a shape-shifting demigod who could assume the form of a shark. Legend holds that when the people of the area learned of his sinister ways, the hunted and destroyed him.

Makaha Beach
West Side Tour guests are then treated to a visit to world-famous Makaha Beach, home for generations to legendary surfers. The surf at Makaha can be very dangerous, with a strong rip-tide when high surf arrives. If conditions permit, guests may want to take a refreshing dip under the watchful eyes of the lifeguards there.

Pokai Bay
The 5th stop on the West Side Tour is at Pokai Bay. Vast, calm and clear water is an off-the-beaten path beach destination that is beloved by locals, and by the visitors savvy enough to find it. Ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and picnicking, Pokai Bay is the perfect way to wind up a day full of sights and sounds on the West Side Tour.

Lunch/A&G Steaks
By now, most guests will be ready for lunch, and the West Side Tour does not disappoint. A&G Steaks is a favorite among residents from all over Oahu. And while the steaks are delicious, A&G also features fresh seafood and salads, and much of the fare is sourced locally.

Dates & Times:
The West Side Tour operates 7 days a week
Tour is 5 hours long
Tour begins at 8:00am with complementary hotel pick-up

Other Details:
Ko Olina pickup available for free
Each Jeep seats up to 4 guests and 1 guide (total 5 people per Jeep) or up to 4 Aduts and 2 Children

Note: If you require special assistance or have physical limitations please notify us before the tour so we can make the proper safety arrangements otherwise we reserve the right to refuse service upon pickup for safety reasons.
Beverages and light snacks provided
72 Hour cancellation policy applies

Adult $149, Child $119


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